Quickware Engineering & Design, LLC.

Reliable, high-end solutions to complex problems—quickly




Quickware is an experienced, custom, cost-competitive firm, producing complex, reliable, high-end solutions with a faster time-to-market than the competition.



Our core business is providing custom PDP-11 processor emulator upgrades.  Our state-of-the-art methodologies can be used to bring the latest technology solutions to work for your original design needs.


PDP-11 Processor Upgrades



Avoid the frustration, delay, and capital drain of changing platforms.  The PDP-11 was the best solution for your needs when you chose it.  With a QED processor upgrade, it will remain the best choice.




Our offices are conveniently located in the Boston technology corridor, to optimize our interface with the area’s resources, while working efficiently with international clients.




U.S. 617.947.1821





We provide a congenial, creative work environment for talented engineers who want to work with the latest tools and methodologies for competitive pay and generous benefits, while avoiding the Dilbert pitfalls of working for some large corporations. 


Innovation—success—responsibility—results—Quickware is a great place to build your resume.


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Our offices are conveniently located in Waltham near public transportation.  We are a short block from the 70 bus line stop, which connects to Central Square, Cambridge, ½ mile from the Waltham Center commuter rail station, and ¼ mile from the Charles River bike path.




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